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Alphabetical Index

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A Type Headless Press Fit Bushing Type A
AH, AH-OH(90°/45°) Angle Heads (Fixed Type)
AHS, AHL Angle Heads (Flexible Type)
AOTP Contactless Optical Tool Presetter Aegis-i Series
B Type Headed Press Fit Bushing Type B
BCL Clamper BCL - BT Clamper
BL Back-up Screw (for BT)
BM Back Chamfering Cutter
BZ Back Spot-Facing Cutter
Boost Master High-Pressure Cleaning Tool for Machining Center
C Type Round Renewable Bushing Type C
CCL CCL - CAT Clamper
CL Torque Wrench
CT-SA Super Tite-Lock Milling Chuck
CTZ "R" Zero Runout Adjustment Holder for Large Diameters
CT・S-CS Super Tite-Lock Milling Chuck (Coolant Inducer)
Chamfer Chamfering Drill
Chamfer Gold Chamfering Drill
Chamfer New Chamfering Drill
Chamfer Chamfering Holder
D Adjustable Adapter Short Design
D Type Right Slip Renewable Bushing Type D
DC,DC・T,DC・N Straight Drill Chuck
DSPL Versatile Tapping Chuck
E Type Left Slip Renewable Bushing Type E
EDC, FDC-07A, FDC-32B Collet
ED・A Straight Drill Chuck
EM・A End Mill Chuck
ER8 Collet for Small Diameters
ERC Collet Holder for Small Diameters
ERC-T Collet Holder for Small Diameters (Taper Type)
ERZ "R" Zero Runout Adjustment ER Collet Holder for Small Diameters
F Adjustable Adapter Long Design
F Type Fixed Renewable Bushing Type F
FDC High-Precision Collet
FDC-C High-Precision Collet (For Collet Through)
FDC-MS High-Precision Collet (For Semidry Machining/MQL)
FDC-OH High-Precision Collet (For Tool with Coolant Hole)
FH-ST-HDC・A Collet Type Floating Extension (Straight Shank)
FH-Tr, FH-MT, FH-ST Floating Holder
FK Series Spanner
FKS4300M Shrink Fit System Liquid Cooler
FM Chamfering Cutter
FMA Face Mill Arbor
FMB Face Mill Arbor
FMC Face Mill Arbor
FMH Face Mill Arbor (For Cutters with Coolant Hole)
FSC-OH、FSC-C Collet for Tapper
G Type Headless Liner Bushing Type G
GDC・A High Precision Collet Holder (High-Balanced Type)
GDZ "R" Zero Runout Adjustment Collet Holder (High-Balanced Type)
GPK,GP Floating Holder
H, M,N, T Series Adjustable Adapter
HCL HSK Clamper
HDC・A High-Precision Collet Holder
HDC・A-CF High-Precision Collet Holder (Flange Through Type)
HDC・A-CS Collet Holder (Coolant Inducer)
HDS,ES Preset Screw
HDZ "R" Zero Runout Adjustment Collet Holder
HP, HP-H Hyper Spindle (Speed Increaser)
ISG3400 Shrink Fit System Magnetic Induction Heating Device
JA Jacobs Adapter (with Tr. Nut)
JAB Jacobs Adapter
JTA Jacobs Taper Arbor
KD, KDB Quick Change Stub Holder
KD-NL Quick Change Stub Tapper
KD-T Quick Change Stub Holder
KH, KHB Quick Change Stub Holder
KH-A,KHB-A Quick Change Stub Holder
KH-A-NL Quick Change Stub Tapper
KH-EC1 Quick Change Stub Holder (For High Coolant Pressure)
KH-EC2 Quick Change Stub Holder (For Low Coolant Pressure)
KH-E、KHB-E Quick Change Stub Holder
KHE/BT BT Shank adapter for Stub Holder
KLD Keyless Drill Chuck
KTL Quick Change Stub Tapper
KTLP Quick Change Stub Tapper
KTP Quick Change Stub Tapper
LT Series Hex. Wrench
MA Morse Taper Adapter (with Tr. Nut)
MAB Morse Taper Adapter
MC Straight Collet
MC-C Coolant Collet (for Tool without Coolant Hole)
MC-OH Coolant Collet (for Tool with Coolant Hole)
MCA Straight Collet
MDE NT・Mevius CAT40-ER Collet holder
MN5523・J Manual Flange
MTA Morse Taper Arbor
MTB Morse Taper Holder
NTP-300A,NTP-400 Tool Presetter
PHC-H Hydro Chuck Omega
PHC・A Power Hydro Chuck
PHC・S Slim Hydro Chuck
PHS Collet with Stopper Pin (For PHC-A Hydro Chuck)
PHZ・S Slim Hydro "R" Zero Runout Adjustment Holder
PSB, PSC Retention Stud
Polygon Taper Polygon Taper Shank Tooling Series
R Type Round Clamp Type R
Rustproof NT's Rustproof Tool Holders
S Series Spanner (Collet holder, etc.)
SBH HSK-T Turning Tools
SBN HSK-T Turning Tools
SBT HSK-T Turning Tools
SBV HSK-T Turning Tools
SBV, SBH, TSB Turning Tools for brother's SPEEDIO M200xd1, M200xd1-5AX, M300x3
SCA Side Cutter Arbor
SDM Drill Holder with Easy Tool Length Adjustment
SH Spanner Head for torque wrench
SL2 Side Lock Holder
SLA Side Lock Holder
SLB Side Lock Holder
SM1 Shell End Mill Arbor
SMA Shell End Mill Arbor
SMB Shell End Mill Arbor
SMC Shell End Mill Arbor
SPHV-3 Simple Setter
SPK-K Simple Setter for KD
SPK-KHA Simple Setter for KH-A, KH-E
SPK-STC Simple Setter for STC Tap Adapter
SPN Simple Setter for NC Tooling
SPN1-HSK HSK Clamper
SPT Simple Setter for Tr Shank
SPW Simple Setter for Tap Adapter
SPZ-2 "R" Zero Setter
SRD Shrink Fit Chuck (DIN Standard)
SRK Shrink Fit Chuck (Heavy Type)
SRK-HA1,SRK-HB2 Shrink Fit System Economy Type Heater
SRS Shrink Fit Chuck (Slim Type)
ST-ERC Collet Extension for Small Diameters
ST-HDC・A Collet Extension (Straight Shank)
ST-HDZ "R" Zero Runout Adjustment Collet Extension (Straight Shank)
ST-PHC-SB Straight Hydro Chuck PHC-SB
STL-PHC Hydraulic chuck for Swiss lathe machine
STM Synchronous Tap Holder with Easy Tool Length Adjustment
STM-PHC Hydro Chuck for CNC Lathe machines
STP Synchro Tapping Chuck
STS Preset Driver
STU-CBS Coolant Bit Sleeves
T Type Lock Screw Type T
TP1 Quick Change Tapping Chuck
TSB HSK-T Turning Tools
TSD HSK-T Turning Tools
WBT-AHO/NBT-AHO Lightweight & Efficient Two-face Contact BT Holder
WE,WER Quick Change Tap Adapter
WEC,WERC Quick Change Tap Adapter (For Carbide Tap)
WENC,WENRC Quick Change Tap Adapter (For Carbide Tap)
WEN・B, WENR・B,WEN・B-V,WENE・B,WENER・B Quick Change Tap Adapter
WES・B,WESR・B Quick Change Tap Adapter
WF/Tr, WF/MT Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WFL/Tr、WFL/MT Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WFLK Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WFLK・J/Tr, WFLK・J/MT Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WFLP/Tr, WFLP/MT Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WFP/Tr, WFP/MT Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WL/Tr Quick Change Tapping Chuck
WSL/Tr Quick Change Tapping Chuck
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