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April promotion - Boost Master

April promotion - Boost Master
April promotion - Boost Master
** Standard catalog items only.

Increased pressure and spray coolant to remove chips! ATC compatible high pressure cleaning tool.

Remove chips instantly with high-pressure coolant.
1.5Mpa (220psi) to 15Mpa(2,200psi) instantly!

Chips inside a deep hole can be removed as quick as 0.5 sec. No more air blowing by hand. Let the machine do the cleaning! 
See Boost Master in action!

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March promotion - SDM and STM

March promotion - SDM and STM
March promotion  15% off SDM and STM holders
** Standard catalog items only.

Easy adjustment series.
STM: Our most popular Synchronous tapping chuck
SDM: Coolet holder type drill chuck

Projection length of the cutting tool can be adjusted quicky by turning the ring on the holder. No need to use a tool! Easy adjustment series holders will make your life much easier if you are using regrind cutting tools. 

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February promotion HDZ

February promotion HDZ
February promotion  15% off HDZ collet holder
**Standard catalog items only.

R-zero HDZ collet holder is the MVP of runout reduction. HDZ collet holder's runout can be adjusted to as small as 0~2 micron within 1~2 minutes! HDZ is a perfect for long drill applications as well as ball end milling. 

Learn more here!   Online catalog


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January promotion PHC-H

January promotion PHC-H
January promotion  15% off PHC-H Omega
 **Standard catalog items only.
Extended until 2/29/2024! 

If you haven’t tried our Hydraulic chuck, PHC-H Omega for your milling applications, this is a great opportunity to try one.
PHC-H Omega is capable for heavy milling with less chattering than Shrink-Fit chucks. It creates better surface finish, longer cutting tool life, and more!

Online catalog

Check out the video here.
Quick and short cutting demo:

Comparison/Case study

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Promotions through the year 2024!

Exiting news! We are going to have at least one promotion every month through hte year of 2024!

Everymonth, we will offer different promotion for different product. Check the calendar every month and take the advantage! 

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