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CAT40 Mevius But 3 Get 1 Free

CAT40 Mevius But 3 Get 1 Free
We are launching another exiting promotion! 

Etended by popular demand!!

The most durable and cost saving ER collet holder from NT-Mevius is now 

But 3 Get 1 Free!

Any size, any combination! 

We offer ER16, ER20, ER25, and ER32 with 3", 4", and 6" projection legnth.

Don't forget to order coolant sealed collets (available for tap, too!) and a spanner!

Offer ends 12/30/2021
**Purchase order must be received by NT USA by 12/30/2021.

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PHC-A Starter Kit promotion

PHC-A Starter Kit promotion
PHC-A Starter Kit promotion

Now is the time to try the PHC-A Hydro Chuck with a PHC-A Starter Kit
Get 20% off a PHC20A metric or PHC0750A standard holder for a 20mm or ¾ inch cutting tool!
BT, CAT, and HSK Shanks available.
Also, get a free PHS Collet to fit smaller cutting tools down to 3mm or 1/8 inch
Finally, get a free Hex Wrench!
Sale ends 6/30/2021

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20+ Volume Discount Campaign!

20+ Volume Discount Campaign!

From now through 12/21/2020, we are offering a volume discount on our standard holders!
20pcs or more, receive an additional 15%off.
30pcs or more, receive an additional 20%off.
This is a great opportunity to stock up spare holders, switch over from your existing holders to our high-end holders, or try our holders if you haven’t used before!
If you have a surplus from FY20, spend on us and don’t lose it next year!
Please contact one of our authorized distributors for pricing.
** Standard holders only. Excludes accessories and custom items.
** No returns. Only Exchange within 30 days from the invoice date.
** PO must be received by NT USA by 12/21/2020

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No-Contact Service is available!

NT USA sales team is ready to visit you! In person service is now available!

We wear a facial mask for all the time, we check tempreture daily, wash hands frequesntly, carring a sanitizer, wear gloves (if necessary), and of course, we manage social distance of 6ft. 

So please contact us if you need one of our sales members to visit you!

** NT USA follows state by state restrictions and may not be able to make a visit.

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Helping Hands : Act of Service - Extended!

Helping Hands : Act of Service - Extended!
Helping Hands : Acts of Service

We at NT USA are no stranger to the hard times we are currently facing.
We refuse to turn a blind eye on those who may be suffering, so we are offering a promotion to help the community in any way we can.
Our products manufacture in Japan,
but our hearts and lives belong in Music City: Nashville, Tennessee.
After all, we are the Volunteer State for a reason!

 We want you and your business to continue to thrive during uncertain times like this and we believe that we can help.
Cheers to you, America! We will bounce back, and we will do it together!
Let us forge strong relationships with each other during these
hard times and emerge better than ever.

More importantly, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy!

From now until May 31 September 30, 2020 (extended!!) 
when you buy 3 Holders,
you will also receive 1 Holder for free*!

Keep the US industries rolling!

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